Port 888

Information for port 888

Port 888 can either be a UDP or TCP port. TCP port 888 normally makes use of the Transmission Control Protocol, which is among the main protocols used in the TCP/IP networks. The Internet Protocol normally deals with packets only while the TCP allows two hosts to have a connection and be able to exchange data streams. The Transmission Control Protocol guarantees one data delivery and ensures that data packets are delivered using port 888 just as they were sent. The guaranteed communication when using port 888 is the main difference between the TCP 888 port and the UDP 888 port.

The UDP 888 Port normally makes use of the Datagram protocol, which is a communication protocol used on the transport layer, session layer and the internet network layer. When the User Datagram Protocol is used over the 888 port, it makes the transmission of datagram messages possible from a computer to applications running on other computers. UDP is normally used in conjunction with the Internet Protocol (IP), but unlike the TCP protocol, the UDP port 888 does not bear a connection and therefore cannot guarantee users reliable communication. The application that receives messages on UDP port 888 is supposed to ensure that the delivery is correct and also processes errors.