Port 749

Information for port 749

Port 749 can utilize a protocol that is defined in order to communicate, but is application dependent. A protocol is defined as a formalized rule set that explains the method that is used to communicate data within a network. In simpler terms, it is a spoken language between computers in order for them to efficiently communicate. Port number 749 is a UDP and not a TCP port number. The name of the protocol is the Kerberos-adm and its description is Kerberos administration. It is neither a Trojan nor a virus. Port 749 utilizes the Datagram Protocol, a protocol used for communications on the session layer, transport layer and network layer on the internet.

When this protocol is utilized over the PORT 749, it makes it possible for the transmission of datagram messages from one computer’s application towards another computer application. Just like Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), UDP is utilized with the Internet Protocol (IP), but rather than Port 749 on TCP, Port UDP 749 does not have any connections and gives no guarantees on reliable communication. It typically is the responsibility of the receiver application on Port 749 to dispense of whichever errors and make sure that correct delivery is achieved. The TCP and UDP protocols for the port number 749 do not contain any other names, with the information source they bear being Wireshark 1.00.