Port 712

Information for port 712

Port 712 is commonly used in computer socket programming. Ports may sometimes be availed to the common computer users. Mostly, these users cannot tell URL port numbers. Some URL’s may also have their port numbers included. The use of such a port number on the connection is done by web browsers and servers. Nonetheless, just because some URL may indicate their port numbers does not in any way indicate that they do not make use of a port number.

There are two ports that bear the 712 numbers. One is regarded as official holder while the other is the unofficial holder. There are the 712 /UDP- User Datagram Protocol and the 712/TCP-Transmissions Control Protocol. The ports that are regarded as official are the ports that have been listed in the IANA. Port number 712 is an official port. The unofficial ports are those that have not been registered with IANA. Administrative privileges are required in the connection of 712 number port and communication sockets. This is especially the case on the Linux operating systems. If the administrative privileges are not available, the connection of the communication sockets and the port need to have the CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE aptitude.