Port 5353

Information for port 5353

Port 5353 is renowned for its role in various protocols that are used for different roles within a computer or internet environment. There are some applications that will not operate or even launch as long this port has not been opened. The port is popular in multicast DNS which are used in various applications. There are several incidences when one will note messages related to port 5353. These will either require you to open or close the port. These messages are normally send by either firewall or antivirus mechanism operating one one’s computer.

Among the applications where udp port 5353 is common include Apple TV. Here the port is used by the internet browser to find computer systems that have iTunes within the network. This operation is done using Bonjour hence making the process faster and more efficient. It is this process that signals the ability of one’s computer to run programs that require playing iTunes or making any kind of contact with it. Other instances include internet protocol 6 for example, which allows the port 5353 to open and run by default.