Port 1025

Information for port 1025

Port 1025 uses defined protocols in communication mostly dependent on a user’s application. A protocol is generally a formalized set of rules explaining data communication through a network. It could as well be described as the language that computers share between them to assist in efficient communication. Protocol HTTP is an example that defines the communication format between websites and internet browsers. IMAP protocol defines the communication format between clients and servers of IMAP e-mail. SSL protocol defines the format that encrypted communications use. LSA is a common attack on port 1025.

Despite the fact that protocol TCP port 1025 was colored red meaning it is a virus, this is no indication that port 1025 is being used by a virus, only that a virus or Trojan made use of this port there before for communication purposes. Whenever a user runs a test see if there are any open ports, TCP port 1025 is usually open. Even if the user abstains from receiving and sending via the socket with the port explorer, this does not make any difference. Stopping the process midway is not the final solution because the internet connection will henceforth be blocked.