Aliases: N/A
Variants: N/A

Classification: Malware
Category: Computer Virus

Status: Active & Spreading
Spreading: Slow
Geographical info: Europe, North and South America, and some parts of Asia and Australia
Removal: Easy
Platform: W32
Discovered: 31 Oct 2008
Damage: Low

Characteristics: W32.Notong.A is another virus that contaminates machines through executable files. It is also considered a dropper of malicious files when executed. All platforms of Windows Operating System can be affected by this virus. It also infects the root directory of the C to Z drive and all of its subdirectories. Another sign when Notong is inside your computer is the infection of all files with “.exe” extension at the end of the file.

More details about W32.Notong.A

Files become programs which initiate and run the virus. It continuously creates a file the same as the target file. Once executed, this virus monitors and sees if it is already running in memory by increasing its privileges and identifying active, running processes on the affected machine. There are several ways to manually remove the file. One is to kill the system processes. The other is to delete registry values and or .exe files. To kill the processes, you may need to go to Windows Task Manager and click “Processes. This process will open the Windows Task Manager. Check all the list of files actively running and find all the .exe files. Right click on the file and choose “end process.” A box will appear and you need to choose yes. You may also search for the file. Most parasites attempt to hide their tracks. These can be resolved by enabling the display of hidden and system protected files.

The W32.Notong.A program is a program that has a stealth installation and often consists of a sinister intent. Every time this program is installed, the hacker will gain total control of the contaminated PC. By using indiscriminate TCP ports, the W32.Notong.A program lets a remote user to perform the following commands on an affected system: download files in the Internet, execute file-handling operations, start and stop services, and modify registry. The W32.Notong.A program can be acquired as a spontaneous email attachment or contains shareware and freeware programs. It also allows hackers to carry out and get into dangerous actions in contaminated computers, like stealing personal data, capturing screenshots, etc.