Aliases: W32.Shrug.gen
Variants: W32/Chiton.a (alias Chthon) / W32/Chiton.b (alias Shrug) / W32/Chiton.c (alias Out812) / W32/Chiton.d (alias Efish) / W32/Chiton.e (alias Gemini)

Classification: Malware
Category: Computer Virus

Status: active
Spreading: low
Geographical info: low
Removal: Moderate
Platform: W32
Discovered: 12 Mar 2002
Damage: low

Characteristics: The W32.Chiton.gen virus attaches itself on the Windows system directory vb6eng.dll when launched.

More details about W32.Chiton.gen

The W32.Chiton.gen program allegedly contains the text string,”OU812 - roy g biv 06/06/01*4U2NV*.” Chiton virus is a family of viruses considered as direct file infectors. After running a single infected file, the virus will infect files in the current directory and subdirectories. You can see the whole viral process is visible in the task manager as "gemini". If your computer is working very slowly and new desktop shortcuts have appeared or the home page for Internet Explorer has changed, chances are, your computer is infected with this virus. You may also see pop-ups that keep appearing on your screen. Emails you didn’t composed may also be sent to people in your contacts.

Some of the reported actions initiated by this program include the manipulation of the optical drive and logging of user keystrokes. The monitoring of the keyboard activities are believed to be used for the stealing of vital personal information like login credentials. It likewise makes it possible for the remote attacker to retrieve pertinent system information. These components presumably make it possible for the attacker to toggle the status of the virus.