Port 848

Information for port 848

Port 848 is regarded as a Well Known port number for the simple reason that it is within 0 and 1023 designation. The task of port numbers allocation is the duty of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). Port numbers help with the representation of the different channels and endpoints that are commonly and widely used in network communication. There are generally three types of ports, the Well Known, the Registered and the Private ports. The well known ports are usually between the numbers of 0 and 1023.

Port numbers on URLs are for purposes of server and web browser connections. Consequently, just because some URLs do not display the port number does not in any way mean that they do not make use of port numbers for instance port 848. In the process of connecting, the 848 port and the communication socket, especially for users on LINUX based operating systems, administrative privileges are required. Without the privileges the connections would not be possible.